Saturday, January 24, 2009

American Head Charge :: Nu Metal :: USA

Can't Stop the Machine (2007)
scene rls - american_head_charge-cant_stop_the_machine-2007-esc
Download here

The Feeding (2005)
scene rls - american_head_charge-the_feeding-advance-2005-pms
Download here

Just So You Know (CDS) (2002)
01. Just So You Know (Radio Edit)
02. Just So You Know (Clown #6 Slipknot Remix)
03. Just So You Know (Wired All Wrong Remix)

Download here

The War of Art (2001)
scene rls - american_head_charge-the_war_of_art-2001-pms
Download here

Trepination (1999)
scene rls - american_head_charge-trepination-1999-sta
Download here

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